Real Foods - Corn Thins - Multigrain 150g


BBE 01 Nov 20


23 calories per slice. 7% dietary fibre.


Australian made and owned.


Gluten free. Non GMO. Kosher - Pareve.Golden sun-ripened corn with the great taste of four wholegrains Looking for snack that's healthy but not boring? Crispy and tasty, but also good for you? No need to compromise!


Real Foods Corn Thins are both delicious and diet friendly because they're made from corn. Imagine the glorious taste of sun-ripened maize, combined with 4 wholegrains, popped then pressed into a crispbread slice. With Corn Thins you get all the delicious taste of popcorn - with one of the mess.


They're healthy too: all natural ingredients and good levels of fibre. Real Foods Corn Thins are the great-tasting snack you can enjoy every day, in lots of creative ways. Try them on their own, or with any number of delicious toppings, for example; Sliced roast chicken, spring onions and pesto mayonnaise.


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Real Foods Corn Thins Multigrain 150g

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