Rude Health - Barista Oat 1L


Dairy-Free, Wheat-Free, Vegan, Organic 


Taste & Texture: Creamy. Velvety. Comforting. Our Organic Oat Barista is creamy and smooth with a subtle natural sweetness. Designed specifically with coffee in mind so that oat and bean can blend together in perfect velvety harmony.

Naturally Frothable: This Organic Oat Barista is made frothable by natural ingredients only. We have carefully selected all the ingredients to create a foamy and smooth texture. We've added a tiny bit of seaweed (yes, really!) to tone down acidity and allow the oats and coffee bean to blend together in velvety harmony. We also use a tiny drop of unrefined, cold-pressed sunflower oil which helps keep the water and oats blended together for a smooth, creamy texture. The pinch of sea salt helps balance out the natural sweetness of the oats.

How We Like It: Call us caffeine cupid. We've made this drink specifically with coffee and other hot drinks in mind. Heat any way you like and add to coffee or tea.


Dairy Free. Flavour Full. No Compromise.

At Rude Health we believe that healthy doesn't have to be bland. Free from dairy doesn't mean free from flavour. Our ingredients are sourced from nature. We believe that the crème de la crop of ingredients make the best tasting food and drinks. Oats so simple. Coconuts so creamy. Almonds so delicious. Tuck in.


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Rude Health - Barista Oat 1L

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